It is not every day that we get to meet and work with a couple who are in deep love and totally excited like us about getting clicked. Such was the couple Sasha and Masya whose love reflected in everything they did. They thought alike, had a great chemistry between them, looked very much in love, and were awesome posers. Moreover, they wished for a traditional Greek ceremony for their marriage and we were fortunate enough to cover the marriage.

The couple was looking for a team of professionals who could understand what they wanted and they found an ideal team. Arena Studio and other experts made their wedding ceremony absolutely stunning.

The beginning

This fairy tale began with Sasha first meeting Masya when he went to Masi’s place of work for business. During the meeting, both of them realized that this meeting was going to turn into something really amazing. A clear case of love at first sight! Slowly, both of them got clear about their feelings for each other and looked forward to meeting each other more often. These meetings blossomed into pure love and a lovely fairy like story was weaved. The more they met, the better they came to know each other. They felt very intensely in love. Finally, they found the other half of their soul within each other. Love chose them to reside in their hearts.

In words of Masya, “God creates us in two halves. One half remains within us and the better half is disunited. The journey of our lives is to wander through continents, oceans, nationalities, and social status to reunite with our other half. I recognized Sasha as my better half who I had been searching all my life. The feeling comes to you so instinctively that you know he is the only one who is your soul mate. No words are adequate enough to comprehend what I feel inside. It can only be felt.” These words do portray the exquisite feelings of a person completely in love, a lover who has finally found her soul mate.

She further adds, “I have never felt so happy before when I am with Sasha. We are so much like each other that you can say we are our own reflection. We shall never part.” This is a prayer that we all have in our hearts.

“Life is full of experiences. Good and Bad. We confront all the obstacles over the years. I have been deceived so many times but this time it is pure love” said Masya.

Since their relationship began with love at first sight, it seemed as if it had come straight out of ancient Greek mythology. Sasha said “According to the ancient Greek mythology, Gods of Olympus is known to be perfect being. They are perfect both in body and spirit which is very similar to our relationship. That is the prime reason why we were inspired by Greek wedding theme for our grand moment.” The two lovebirds were keen on having a wedding theme based on ancient Greek ceremony as Zeus and Artemis. Artemis is the daughter of Zeus and Leto. Artemis was a strong, virgin goddess, a huntress who lived on the wild side. Masya recollected, “When I met Sasha, he reminded me of Artemis. Sasha is as strong, impregnable, and pure just like the Greek goddess Artemis. I knew that I was ready to spend my entire life with Sasha but it took quite a bit of time to tell him about my feelings. Although, I was sure he felt the same way, I couldn’t gather words to pour my heart out to him.”

The Wedding Preparations

The two love birds decided that now it was the time for them to get together and they settled on the wedding date to be 13 January 2018. The date was not chosen by any chance or just advised by any acquaintance. The date holds much value for the couple as this was the date when they became husband and wife. Moreover, since the couple wanted a traditional Greek wedding, the month of January holds a special place in Greek Orthodox traditions as well. As per the Greek Orthodox wedding traditions, there are certain times of the year that are regarded as most fortunate for the union of two souls. As per this tradition, January is regarded as the month of celebrating Hera, who was the wife of Zeus, and is known to be the Goddess of fertility as well as marriage.

Moreover, Sasha and Masya are different from other couples in every sense. Both of them are so much in love with this particular date that they do not celebrate their anniversary on 13 January of every year. They celebrate their wedding anniversary on 13th of every month! How adorable and unique! A truly mesmerizing love story it is. May this lovely couple reside together in a healthy relationship till the end of their lives!

Coming back to the wedding now. The preparations started and service providers were contacted for different aspects. Arena Studio was the wedding planner who took care of all the major preparations of the wedding.

Arena Studio is a firm that has created a niche for them in the wedding industry. They took care of everything just like a pro. Arena Studio possesses a team of experts who are well versed in taking care of weddings and making them beautiful. Located in Punta Cana, Arena Studio holds the reputation of planning and designing mesmerizing destination weddings across Dominican Republic.

This wedding was no different for Arena Studio. They took complete care of the wedding and made sure that the day was simply awesome for the couple. After all, it was a day which needed to be preserved in their memories for a lifetime. The couple has all praises for the Arena Studio and would recommend them for sure to their loved ones.

The Dress

Masya was clad in white laced flowing gown and the studded jewelries were incredible. Greek clothings are typically white transparent linen. “I was excited to dress up in authentic Greek style. I was a little apprehensive about being bare foot on the seaside but the exquisite anklet made all the difference.” said Masya.   Sasha was overwhelmed to see Masya in her wedding dress. “It was so different from that conventional wedding outfit. She looked nothing less than a Greek goddess,” expressed Sasha. The wedding makeup and the elaborate Greek hair styling were perfectly done in accordance to the Greek theme by wedding perfectionist Olga Montilla. The neckpiece of Masya was in several layers and complemented her backless white gown. The matching bejeweled anklet and toe ring was gorgeous. The pale pink nail paint for the toes blended well with the entire getup.

Sasha was dressed by Lacywings Exclusive clothing. He wore pleated, white, short skirt with belted jewelry which enhanced the Athenian appearance. The ancient Grecian sandal is usually worn by men of Greece. The supple white with crisscrossing straps that run up to the ankle gives the authentic flavor of Greece. I was amazed to see how attractive Sasha was looking in the Greek wedding outfit,” said Masya.

The Jewellery

The jewellery of the bride was designed by the famous Alexander Titkov. Alexander is a brand name in the field of jewellery and known for creating some awesome pieces in Russia. Many beautiful brides have been decked up by jewellery pieces crafted by Alexander Titkov and Masya was another name added to the list. They also stood up to their good reputation while creating ethnic jewellery pieces for Masya.

Greek wedding is something exquisite and everything attached to it also needs to be stunning. The same goes for wedding jewellery as well. Though the bride wore very little pieces of jewellery, but all the jewellery pieces were fascinating and befitting the Greek wedding style. All the jewellery pieces made the bride look all the more beautiful and Sasha was left stunned after looking at Masya embellished in these white colored jewellery pieces. Alexander Titkov designed the jewellery for Masya to make sure that she looked like a Greek bride. Though she was quite apprehensive about wearing jewellery at the beach but the anklet designed for her cleared all her doubts about wearing jewellery on the beach.

A wedding’s memories need to be preserved for many years to come and all the aspects related to wedding make these memories simply awesome. Jewellery plays an important role in making the wedding memories all the more fascinating and the same happened in this case as well. Sasha and Mysa were a bit worried that these service providers may not understand their idea of celebrating their wedding in ancient Greek style but they were proven wrong. Alexander Titkov not only understood their entire idea but also made sure that their ethnic jewellery pieces contributed majorly in making this wedding idea a success.

Hair and Make Up

Mysa looked nothing less than an angel dressed in beautiful white attire. A professional hair stylist and makeup artist from the brand Olga Montilla simple made this possible. They portrayed their best of abilities in dressing up Masya. She looked absolutely stunning in her adorable hair style and make up texture simply matching her skin tone. In fact, Olga Montilla made sure that Masya looked nothing short of a Greek Goddess in her innovative makeup and hair style. They say that a bride blooms like a flower on her wedding day. However, you need to nurture this flower delicately and properly to enjoy her beauty. Thus, the professionals hired for the purpose need to be expert ion their work so that they can do proper justice with the bride’s beauty.

Olga Montilla is a reputable name in the field of makeup and hair styles and this was exhibited on the wedding day of Sasha and Masya. They made sure that Masya’s makeup and hair style must complement her Greek wedding look and she should not look out of the picture. The result was a beautiful Greek bride who broke all the records of beauty.


No wedding is complete without flowers and this wedding was no exception. The florists in this wedding were hired from MERCAFLOR firm who did a splendid job. These professionals worked since 2 AM to complete their work and catch everything by 5 AM. Both the bride and the groom were simply in awe of their services. The decorations and the ambience thus created by beautiful flowers made this wedding all the more special. Though all kinds of decorations can be used for a wedding but flowers always hold a special place and this was exhibited well in this wedding. Moreover, all the decorations and the flowers were used to complement the Greek wedding and the end result was simply awesome.

Moreover, like they have a tradition of bouquet tossing by the bride in modern times, there is no such tradition in the Greek wedding. However, the Greek bride surely carries a bouquet of white flowers that again symbolizes purity.

Masya looked a picture of innocence when she walked that aisle by the side of Sasha while carrying a white bouquet of fascinating flowers. Even the guests were awestruck to look the ambience thus created. A perfect Greek Wedding that will remain in our memories for long!

Dresses for Groom and Bride

Dresses are an imperative part of any wedding and a major part of wedding preparations in contributed to this aspect. However, this wedding was different. The couple wanted everything to be done in traditional Greek way. So, you have to do away with those wedding suits and long flared dresses. Moreover, they needed a thorough professional who could handle the designing of their dresses in a perfect way. After long searches, the task was given to the brand Lacywings.

As per the Greek traditions, the brides wear white color representing purity. Moreover, anciet Greeks celebrated their beauty as well as their athleticism through their Olympics and their loosely draped gowns that were gathered at the waist and were touching the floor. Lacywings designed the dress for Masya while keeping all these points in mind.

Sasha the groom wanted an ethnic look and thus was made to wear a white short skirt. This dress comes from the pages of history when grooms used to wear only these short skirts

Wedding Traditions

This was a proper traditional Greek Wedding that took care of all the ceremonies. The priest was also dressed in white, a traditional Greek gown and presided over the wedding well. After the reading of the two designated scriptures that emphasized upon the union of the coupe in love, Sasha and Masya were made to take three sips from the ‘common cup’ of wine. This traditional symbolized that from now on they would be sharing everything in their lives as husband and wife.

Moreover, the wedding ceremony was held at sunset symbolizing their relationship reaching the maturity level. They were sworn with Zeus and Artemis joining their hearts together and this was what the couple wanted.

As per the couple, their inspiration for selecting the traditional Greek wedding theme was Gods of Olympus. They are regarded as flawless perfect beings both in body and in spirit. Thus, their blessings are considered imperative for any couple to be tied in wedding knot. This was the reason why Sasha and Masya were so keen on having a traditional Greek theme for their wedding. However, they had some inhibitions about the service providers especially the wedding planners understanding what they actually wanted. They were proved wrong by Athena Studio and other service providers and both Sasha and Masya were very happy with this fact.

Wedding Venue

The wedding venue was decided to be the Macao beach. It is surely a magical place that can weave the magical moments together for the couple. The same was achieved during Sasha and Masya wedding. The wedding planners from Arena Studio worked tirelessly to create a magical moment for the love birds and they succeeded thoroughly in doing so.

The melodious sound of the waves and the aroma of sunset, all combined together to create that mesmerizing feeling of a magic land, created especially for Sasha and Masya.

Wedding Photography

They say that wedding takes place only once in your lifetime but its memories is sketched in your heart forever. However, you need physical proof of these memories and this can be attained through photographs. Sasha and Masya wanted flawless photographs of their wedding so that they can relive those moments again and again. The task was given to Katya Nova, the best photographer in the world as per the couple.

Katya Nova teams up with Rob, her husband for clicking some awesome wedding photographs in Punta Canta. She is a great professional who keeps her work priorities on the top. This is the reason why she came for clicking the wedding photographs with her 3 months old baby. Sasha and Masya had only good words to tell about the lady and her professionalism. Moreover, we all enjoyed with baby Phoenix around us who made our work all the more enjoyable. She was the most important and cutest member of our team!

Sasha and Masya both turned out to be great posers. Moreover, Katya was able to capture the chemistry between the two love dipped souls in a perfect way. Not a single moment was wasted, not a single aspect ignored. The wedding album turned out to be simply great and a perfect keepsake for the couple.

Wedding Video

Wedding videos are another way of preserving the memories of your wedding day. Moreover, with new and innovative techniques, these wedding videos help you in reliving your wedding moments in the best possible manner. Sasha and Masya appointed Domincanca as their official videographer. The brand Domincanca holds a reputation of making perfect wedding videos.

They exhibited their expertise in making the wedding video for Sasha and Masya and earned good words from the couple. Every single important moment was covered in the video and Sasha and Masya were delighted to see the final product. To witness the beautiful video displaying the wedding of Sasha and Masya, you can have a look at:

The Last Impression

When the couple were asked to explain their wedding, they expressed their feelings in the most beautiful words. Both Sasha and Masya expressed that they were really worried that maybe their theme of having a traditional Greek wedding may not be understood by the service providers. However, Arena Studio and other people involved in the preparations were simply awesome, worked hard through the night to give a flawless marriage, and offered their best services.

When Masya was asked how she felt about meeting Sasha, she said: I clearly I remember the moment when you came into my life and all that storm of emotion that hit me … How we discovered each other, or rather read 100% the similarity of fate, characters, attitude to life … and it was with you I realized that you are not “half”, but more … YOU ARE ABSOLUTE REFLECTION OF ME!!!! You are my Everything!!!! How often we are wrong and choose NOT our halves, we are deceived, thinking that this is it!! But in fact, sometimes they really are very similar … but “HALF OF THE SOUL” can only be felt!! I am happy that we met with you, we have been there for so many years, fate has confronted us, and we have received our experience in life, so that we meet not to leave EVER!!! I love you!! ”

These words truly summarize their love story and we as professionals were both proud and emotional to be a part of this mesmerizing wedding. This wedding story is going to be a part of our lives for a real long time. It was a perfect celebration of coming together of two souls immersed in extreme love for each other.



  • Photography: Katya Nova
  • Video: Dominicanca Photo & Video
  • Wedding Planner: Arena Studio
  • Outfits: Lacywings
  • Bride’s Jewellery: Aleksandr Titkov
  • Hair & Make Up: Olga Montilla
  • Flowers: MERCAFLOR