Creative photo project “Female Eagle”


This series of eye-catching, provocative and at the same time tender pictures brought ARENA STUDIO international recognition, while the photos have gain popularity in the Internet and magazines immediately after being published. Photos were taken in wild nature, 1200 meters above the sea level. The authors intentionally chose a cloudy day which is untypical for this area, so that bright colors of Dominican flora did not distract attention from the “bird”.

The protagonist of the session was a finalist of “Miss Dominicana” competition Nilda who underwent transformation into a female eagle and lived the life of the bird from a baby to a proud female eagle caring about her offspring.

“Female Eagle” is a piece of authentic art and undoubtedly high fashion. The photo project was completed in 2 months with an effort of more than 10 people.



LizArt Studio 
Make-up and hairstyle 
Olga Montilla
Organization/ style/ decoration 

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