Choreograph your wedding with Arena Studio


While attending a wedding, all we remember is the beautiful centerpieces, luxurious decor, exquisite flowers and the gorgeous dresses of the bride and bridesmaids. Isn’t it?
It’s the dream of every girl to hope for best things for her wedding. A wedding service par excellence is the dream of every girl. No doubt about it! Aside from the fact that the wedding is going to be a grand affair, it also sets the tone for each and everything that is going to be followed after the ceremony.

We, at, Arena Studios, put our best foot forward always. We believe in the philosophy ‘the wedding ceremony is a luxurious affair which honestly reflects your true feelings for each other’. We want each one of your guests to embrace your true emotions. We strive forward to make everyone as happy as we can with the luxurious and private event.
Arena studio will gather all the essentials to make the elite event not only a luxurious affair but an event which makes everyone feel at home. This is indispensable for putting forward a grand affair. Wedding ceremony in one of the finest restaurants in the Dominican Republic La Mona, Cap Cana will definitely make the entire experience filled with ‘feel at home’ emotion.

Punta Cana brides just love a lot of candles and greenery. Our wedding planning lets you embrace the nature. A perfect mix of greenery with wedding place leaves no chance to create a cozy and soothing aura in the environment. The blissful blend of natural and fresh colors and scented candles is tranquilizing.

We try to make the experience as wonderful as possible. Our selection of exotic places, which are high in their aesthetic value, takes away the hearts of one and all. Our choice of venue decorators, florists and makeup artists are one of the best you can ever get. Arena Studio’s pick of the most exotic flowers and scenic landscapes as the choice of wedding venues definitely makes all the heads turn.

We totally understand that you spend sleepless nights planning and detailing out each minuscule detail of your wedding. You want to cherish those special moments with your loved ones forever. Is it not? While we make the task of choosing the most exotic location for your wedding, we also render the best photographers for you to cherish the once-in-a-lifetime event with your partner. When the wedding venue is utterly gorgeous, why should the photographs not be? Our photographer Ondina Baier-Yanez from Germany creates the best fine-art shoot for the couple.

You must always understand that your wedding is an once-in-a-lifetime and extraordinary affair for you and your partner. Let Arena Studio take all your apprehensions away and frame a happily-ever-after!