A wonderful affair


Hello, I would like to introduce myself as Olga Montilla, the co-owner of the company- Arena Studios. We choreograph weddings. No, like really, we plan one of the finest weddings.

Every time I dress Punta Cana brides, I am overwhelmed by the love and kindness. The speechless perfect white gowns and oh-so-beautiful hairdos makes my heart skip a beat. The exotic locations and sunsets at the beach not only make the couple swell with ecstasy but so do I. I have long dreamt of having the exquisite photographs with my beloved husband. The very moment when the Punta Cana brides and the grooms share their vows and the photographers just want to click as many pictures as they can from all angles makes me even more desperate for such lovely moments to be captured with my husband as well.

Photography holds a central stage during any wedding. It’s only because of the expert and the very talented photo artists that one is able to cherish the wonderful moments with their loved ones forever. The very glance at the wedding photographs makes you relive all the moments in a speck of time. The entire decor, the exotic location and everything about your wedding flashes right in front of your eyes. This certainly leaves no chance to fill you all over again with the same happiness, exuberance and delight. Isn’t it?

Now, I have two kids. Our gorgeous and amazing kids always keep both of us, me and my husband, on feet. I love my work styling and dolling-up my brides and the entire wedding planning. Finally, we decided to give our own grand affair a-go. After surveying each and everything from decor to candles to time to location, we came to the conclusion that we would have our once-in-a-lifetime event at the beach of Los Corales. We went for a dawn ceremony.

You would not believe how wonderful it was. We both fell in love with each other once again. Everything, like everything, about the affair was just so perfect. We felt like we were living in a dream and never wanted the dream to come to an end. Just like I mentioned before that photographs are a mirror to another world, our photographer; Ondina Baier-Yanez created a perfect romantic photo shoot for us. The pictures that came made us go speechless. One word for our photos- Magical!

Still reminiscing about the marvelous ceremony at one of the exotic locations! I am totally in awe of our photographs. Whenever I close my eyes, the very sight of the ceremony at dawn on Los Corales makes me breathless.